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Release 1.3.7?

Any reason not to release 1.3.7?  It seems like Robert's recent
pthread changes would be welcome.

There will be a challenge in that the libregex package is no longer
needed and should be obsoleted.

I've also beem mucking with the version detection for shared objects in
a probably fruitless attempt to allow different versions of cygwin to
communicate with each other (which is a big problem, apparently,
internally to Red Hat) or at least to detect when there is no hope of

The version mismatch warning is now several sentences long.  If things
go according to the usual plan, someone will find the sentences
"confusing" and will complain bitterly that it took them several weeks
to figure out that having multiple versions of cygwin on their system
is not a good thing.

All that aside, however, is anyone planning anything that would justify
holding off a release?

Actually, now that I think of it, there is one thing.  I was actually
investigating the *utent* functions myself when Ralf Habacker played
the standard "Why aren't these symbols included???" riff in the cygwin
mailing list.

It would probably be useful to include them but I haven't investigated
what this would entail in newlib.  Anyone interested in investigating


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