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Re: [MinGW-dvlpr] Re: src/winsup/w32api ChangeLog include/commdlg.h ...

 --- Earnie Boyd <> wrote: > I was coming to that
> Thanks,
> Earnie.
> Robert Collins wrote:
> > 
> > I believe that IDC_STATIC is _meant_ to be defined by the application -
> > see the second hit on that Google list for example.
> > ==
> > #ifdef IDC_STATIC
> > #undef IDC_STATIC
> > #endif
> > #define IDC_STATIC      (-1)
> > ==

FWIW,  in my experince, projects written for MSVC/Borland/Watcom compilers
very rarely actually define IDC_STATIC, and the projects break on mingw
unless IDC_STATIC is defined to -1

One workaround is to have a new header winres.h , that defines IDC_STATIC
and then includes winresrc.h.    Alternatively, the define in winnt.h could
be guarded by #ifdef RC_INVOKED.

In the event, we will continue to get bug reports about windres not working
if IDC_STATIC is not defined for windres.exe  


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